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Frustrated with how long it takes to train new users in Infusionsoft®?

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Macanta allows users to harness all the power of Infusionsoft® for their jobs, on just one or two screens

Life’s too short to spend time learning complex software.

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Custom, role-specific, dynamic interface.

Different users see a different interface, even when looking at the same contact.

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Macanta let’s EVERYONE create their OWN custom interface, to suit THEIR business… quickly and easily.

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Here are just some of the awesome companies proudly using Macanta to transform and simplify their use of Infusionsoft®




$129per month

Includes Premium InfusionLabs account ($97pm) and full access to Data Validation & Enrichment ($49pm). Pay monthly, no contract, unlimited email support, cancel any time.

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$1,290per year

Get 12 months hosting and preferential unlimited email support for the price of 10 months only!

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Christian Wiles Automate Today LLC

If you’re trying to understand “What is Macanta”, think of it as a simplified dashboard for infusionsoft that can be customized to meet the needs of the basic user (any number of users). This is a way to open Infusionsoft to literally 100s of users in one application using the standard 3 seat configuration. There is a c^*p load of other funtionality, like building forms that can be used internal purposes, easy tags, easy custom data views, etc.

This application is saving one of my clients 80+ custom fields, condensing them to 12.

This client was on the verge of opening a 2nd Infusionsoft app and going down the road of trying to sync the data between two apps. That sounds like “multiplying the chaos” not conquering it .

Macanta stepped in to SAVE THE DAY. Now we are keeping one Infusionsoft app for EVERYTHING.

Seriously, if you haven’t given Macanta a test drive, do it. You need to see what this app can do.

Ann Flynn Improved Results

I have a multi-million dollar client running their marketing through Infusionsoft (of course) and now running their ENTIRE INTERNAL PROCESS using Macanta added onto Infusionsoft.

They have over 100 users at any given time in about 5 or 6 different teams and each team has access to their own set of forms, views, etc.

So of course that’s AWESOME and something we never could have done with Infusionsoft alone.

Insa Winkelbrandt Caldon Consulting Ltd

Love, love, love Macanta!

It says, “Infusionsoft. Simplified” on the tin, and that’s exactly what it delivers. If you and your team have any amount of day-to-day interaction with your clients and prospects, Macanta will almost certainly make things quicker and easier for you. And if any of your team are external to you, i.e. not employees of your business, you’ll love how Macanta can restrict access to contacts, custom fields, forms and tags. Highly recommended.

Marc Seelinger The Swamp School

This is a must-have if you are working with teams.

We are a school and my instructors needed a way to enter grades into Infusionsoft. Up till now the only way to do this was to get them a seat license for Infusionsoft. This is expensive and I really did not want them to have access to all of the inner workings of Infusionsoft.

With macanta they can see a student record and update their grades using a webform inside macanta. From there Infusionsoft magic happens and the student gets a training certificate via email and it is also uploaded to their filebox.

We are also using macanta with our customer service team to register students. This solves the problem of too much Infusionsoft for teams that just need to get something done. Infusionsoft is a terrific and a very powerful platform, but it can overwhelm some of our less Infused staff. macanta solves this problem.

Ashley Marshall Jumpworks

I just had a great call today where I proposed Macanta for a legal firm to use Macanta in order to properly segment and secure the data visible by the different stakeholders, as its just so much easier to set up than the clunky and ineffective Infusionsoft permission restrictions.

They wanted logins and workflows for their telephone answering and call back team to process case information, make decisions on whether a case had merit to take on and then kick off workflow to hand off the case file to one of their associated partner lawyers (as they are really a lead machine for cases selling them on for a fee upon payment… all their ‘customers’ (the lawyers) have access and only see of course the cases they have been passed.

They are them in an automation to prompt regular updates back to the ‘finder company’ so they can see when they may get paid – doing all this without Macanta just wouldn’t scale with Infusionsoft alone – not only in licence fees but mainly around the training and process workflow that Macanta can enforce…. and we didn’t even discuss connected data for secure encrypted case PDFs, etc in a Google drive or something – If you haven’t come up with ways to use Macanta like this you really must jump on it as soon as possible!!!

Cheryl Coates Hunt Barron Marketing

What I love about Macanta is the beautiful interface that requires very little configuring or training to get started – in a matter of minutes, our team was using the system.

The ability to save Infusionsoft searches for calling and internal form submitting purposes as well as easy access to the recording of a call is such a plus. I recommend Macanta whole-heartedly!

Nathan Paris On The Fuze

We have implemented Macanta on multiple clients (AND ICPs) to help simplify and streamline businesses….and SERIOUSLY help businesses that have sales teams.

It allows the business to hide all of the complexity of Infusionsoft, and sales teams to stay focused on their calls and businesses to stay focused on the SPECIFIC workflow for that specific role in the company…I.e. not every field and internal form possible in Infusionsoft…ONLY what is important to them.

It also allows (especially with InfusionLabs) to handle complex scenarios like 1 to Many relationships. Think of mortgage broker keeping track of multiple loans expire dates for clients and wants follow up to start happening before that expire date….for ALL if that clients loans. And that is like one scenario.